Monday, 25 November 2013

Modelling Progress of Ella's Face

Ella's Modelling Progress: The Head

After a bit of a lull due to the dissertation draft hand-in, Sir P is back to modelling Ella.
Sources report that he is working on the head the moment.

"I am working on the head, at the moment" -Sir P. Greene

Below is a screenshot from Sir P.'s current situation

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Modelling Progress With Ella

I have decided that I shall be retiring for the night...this is what I have got so far with Ella...the mirroring is not parented geometry, it is only mirrored as an instance for the sake of modelling itself.


I leave you with this sweet tune

-Sir. P. Greene

(You couldn't be Greener)

Modelling Progress- Ella's Torso


What I'm Listening To Right Now- Roy Fox- What a Difference A Day Made

Modelling Progress- Ella's Legs

Having started modelling Ella early in the week, I went through a bit of a trial and error process. One model ended up having far too high a poly count. (Image reference can be found below)

Finally, I created a model that I think has a decent poly-count. I shall be consulting Alan later but this is the update on my progress.

Ella-Side View
Ella- Front View

Thanks for reading!

- Sir P. Greene

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Interim Crit Presentation

Animatic Sequence Version 6

Sorry for the inactivity! Sir P. has been working on a lot of things at once for the Interim Critique.
This is part one of hat is going to be presented...behold! The Animatic! (version 6)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What I'm Listening To Right Now- Farewell Blues- Eddie Lang and Joe Vernati

What I'm Listening To Right Now- Duke Ellington- Sump'n 'bout Rhythm

What I'm Listening To Right Now- The New Twister- Mill Mole

Getting to know Frank and Ella is not easy...they're complex characters with a vivid past.
What better way to get to know the 1930s than delve into the music scene!

This is what I'm listening to right now to cut out the silence on the blog =) I am working on a lot of things simultaneously, which you shall be able to view soon! So stay tuned =D

Hope you enjoy it as well!

-Sir P. Greene

Friday, 1 November 2013

Dance Routines

For the interim critique or as some like to call it, THE PITCH, I shall be including an inked sequence of Frank and Ella dancing in the moonlight. Here are some dance routines that I will be using as reference.