Sunday, 27 October 2013

@Phil: The Owl and The Pussycat Animatic Version 5

I finally have the fifth version of the animatic for Frank and Ella..after talking to Tutor Phil about it, I put in a few more "out-of-the-way" and crazy gags..I hope they do the trick! If there is anything you think I can add to make this better, please do comment!

Thank you!

Much love from Sir P. Greene (Live Long and Pea-sper)


  1. I have at least a few suggestions. You know Frank and Ella mentioned an officiate (a.k.a. the "Turkey who lives on a hill") who married them? We'd love to be introduced to the Turkey.

  2. Hey Urvashi,

    A few things: the 'starry night' bit breaks the logic of your world, because those elements appear in the sitting room, and not the 'memory space' of your two characters; this sequence should clearly belong to the hand-drawn nostalgia mode; you should avoid confusing the visual language. Not sure about the value of the 'small guitar' insert - it's not really a visual gag - it could be, but it's not earning its keep - yet!

    Lots of nice, charming touches in here, Le - so, I think you need to really push forward now in terms of readying for characters for modelling and also in terms of modelling the living room set (I assume it's CGI?). I suggest you park the animatic stage (and further refinements can be made as you move onwards); the key thing is you've established the tone, you've sussed your world, so it's time to get into production, because those CGI characters need to be readied with plenty of time for polish and refinements. Onwards!